The Complexities of Regional Hospital Upgrades

Hospitals are critical facilities which provide essential health services to the community. A unique requirement for maintaining these services is the building’s ability to maintain appropriate internal conditions. These conditions include infectious disease control/containment, room temperature and relative humidity levels, room and building pressurisation, filtration, fresh air and effective air change rates. Ensuring these internal conditions are achieved requires regular maintenance and validation of the systems, throughout the building’s life.

Regional hospitals throughout Australia vary in age, infrastructure, compliance requirements and technology. This therefore requires specialist engineering knowledge and experience for the maintenance and eventual replacement of these critical systems. These hospitals are also hindered by geographical constraints from major equipment suppliers and labour forces.

VAE Group recognise and understand these requirements and have created flexible delivery techniques within our business to adapt and meet a client’s key construction and operational requirements. Our smarter solutions for regional hospitals are demonstrated by the recent completion of works at Mareeba, Innesfail, Tully, Nambour, Cairns Base and Atherton Hospitals.

The key elements considered when evaluating and delivering these projects include:

  • Low load chiller operation, cycling and minimum turndown
  • Optimisation of condenser and chilled water temperatures
  • Central chiller plant control and energy optimisation
  • Primary and secondary pumping arrangements, and field pressure control
  • Chilled water reticulation system design
  • Equipment replacement strategy, plant downtime and safety procedures
  • Electrical infrastructure suitability, metering and load shed sequencing

In addition to these regional hospitals, other major health care projects currently undertaken by VAE include the Christchurch Acute Services Building in New Zealand and the Sunnybank Private Hospital Project.

VAE has both the technical knowledge and industry-leading staff to oversee the maintenance and replacement of Australia’s critical regional health care infrastructure. With over 55 full time service technicians, 80 construction staff and 20 engineers, including RPEQ engineers, we can assist with any complex design and construction issue for your local regional hospital.

Our point of difference is exemplified by our key technical staff, delivery implementation and engineering expertise. We provide every client and the hospital community with smarter solutions for these critical pieces of infrastructure.

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