JCU TIC - Flue Frame

Work on the James Cook University (JCU) Technology Innovation Complex (TIC) Project with BESIX Watpac in Townsville is well underway.

​As part of the Mechanical Services solution, external flues were designed to serve each floor with conditioned air, as well exhausting from the fume cupboards in the laboratory spaces. VAE have undertaken the design and installation of spiral ductwork, to be installed as part of the prefabricated “Flue Frames” provided by BESIX Watpac. This recently completed work represents a critical milestone for the project.

Utilising our in-house design expertise, VAE installed over 250 meters of stainless-steel spiral ductwork within the frames. The ductwork was fabricated in stainless-steel material to provide durability and corrosion resistance from the gases expected to be exhausted from the laboratory spaces, as well as keeping in line with the design aesthetics of the TIC Building.

To seamlessly connect the frames to the building's façade, we deployed our experienced abseilers, who meticulously completed the façade connections. Their expertise and attention to every intricate aspect ensured a safe, flawless integration, meeting both the project's functional requirements and its aesthetic goals.

We are grateful to BESIX Watpac for entrusting us with this opportunity, stay tuned for further updates on the JCU TIC project as we near completion.