VAE announce a strategic partnership with Viessmann Group

VAE are excited to announce a strategic partnership with the Viessmann Group. 

The Viessmann Group based in Allendorf (Eder) Germany one of the world's leading manufacturers of climate solutions, has acquired a stake of around 34% in Value Added Engineering (VAE). The partnership marks the first time that the family-owned company has operated in Australia.

VAE Group’s CEO Ben Carter has stated that "As a global player with a 104-year-old enduring history, Viessmann will help us gain important access to markets, technologies and knowledge. Together, we will both multiply our growth potential. We have ambitious long term growth plans, and Viessmann is the perfect partner for this."

VAE will continue to operate as a majority Australian owned company, with our Australian management team.

VAE remains committed to providing our customers with Built In Certainty throughout all of our projects and services, and providing additional services that this partnership may provide.

Viessmann Group