Paul Carson - PBF PresenterSafety as a Core Life Value

PBF Australia presenter Paul Carson delivered an engaging and confronting session last month on ‘Safety as a Core Life Value’ on site at our Darwin, Townsville, and Cairns offices, with a live-stream throughout the other VAE Group branches and sites across Australia and New Zealand.

Paul’s thought-provoking presentation offers a first hand experience on living with a spinal cord injury, sustained through a workplace accident in Australia. It looks at what can happen when safety is no longer a primary focus at work.

Some key take-aways from Paul’s presentation

·         Take on safety as a core life value

·         Realise that everyone is responsible for safe work practices

·         Realise that personal action or inaction can result in serious and life changing consequences

·         Consider the reality of living with a permanent life changing injury

Thank you to PBF Australia, and to Paul for sharing his story. We are positive that your presentation will continue to have impact on the decision-making process of the VAE team well into the future.