AIRAH AWARDS 2019 WINNERBest Hvac Retrofit or Upgrade

We are ecstatic to have been awarded the AIRAH 2019 award for best HVAC or Retrofit Project last night for our work on the Mater Private Hospital Air Handling Unit Upgrade, with DMA Engineers and the Mater Hospital.

VAE planned and delivered a complex staging design that resulted in significant reductions in capital expenditure, whilst improving long term operating expenditure. Due to visibility restrictions, VAE’s drafting team conducted 3D point cloud scanning to capture a complete 3D geometry of the buildings structure to ensure that the alternative staging design would be successful.

The collaborative approach between all stakeholders was key to the successful completion of the complex project. The relationships that the project team formed with Mater staff, the high level of engagement, and commitment to the project by the Mater Engineering and Maintenance team were invaluable to the successfully delivery of the project.

Mater’s Peter Nomikos said “The Mater AHU Replacement project will leave a lasting legacy, while the project itself has improved the day-to-day comfort of the people that work, stay and visit the Hospital, and make the jobs of the maintenance team easier for many years to come.
Mater hopes to emulate the teamwork and collaboration that was displayed on the project on all future projects”.