Built in CertaintyIn these uncertain times, VAE's promise of "Built in Certainty" is more important than ever

What does that mean to you as a builder, building owner, facility manager, end user, subcontractor or supplier?

Built-in Certainty is not just a brand promise, it’s what we are all about and it’s the fundamental value that drives everyone in our business.

We have worked hard to build on relationships with our supply chain and subcontract partners to ensure that you will have continuity of service and delivery.

Working with VAE provides you with:

  • The financial strength to weather the current storm and provide you with certainty that the projects we start today will be delivered …. we’re here for the long haul
  • Certainty that safety is our first priority
  • Certainty that as a supplier or subcontractor that you will be paid on time, every time
  • Certainty that our projects will work as intended
  • A team that will work with you, and deliver to your expectations