VAE's Jemima HarbortAustralian Handball Representative Goalkeeper

VAE Group’s superstar Financial Controller, Jemima Harbort, has been travelling the globe representing her club, and her Country in European Handball.

Last month Jemima competed in two main tournaments, the first being The Super Globe in Wuxi, China. This tournament is an International Handball Federation tournament for champion club teams, and 2019 is the first year that the Super Globe was held for women to compete. Jemima’s team, University of Queensland (UQ), finished seventh out of eight teams, beating New York City.

Jemima is the Goalkeeper for UQ, and she achieved awesome results personally during the Super Globe, with third highest saves (39%), and most saves for the tournament (42), resulting in her being selected twice for MVP.

Representing Australia in the second tournament, a friendly, held in Busan. This tournament was used as part of the selection process for the Australian Women’s Handball Team to compete in the Handball World Championships held in Kumamoto, Japan, in December this year. Jemima said, “It was a good opportunity to see where we were at with the competition before the end of the year”.

Jemima has now officially been named in the Australian Women’s Handball Team to tour Japan in December for the World Champs. We wish Jemima, and her team mates the best of luck!