Nambour HospitalAir Conditioning Plant Upgrade

Nambour Hospital is located 100 km north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast. The Hospital is currently undergoing a number of changes which will allow it to provide speciality services to the region’s growing population. These acute and sub-acute services include rehabilitation and mental health services. Serving a population of 10,000 people, the hospital has seen many changes since the first buildings were constructed in the 1920s including constructing new buildings to house emerging technologies such as air conditioning, control systems and electrical infrastructure.

As part of the current redevelopment, VAE Group were engaged by Nambour Hospital to remove three deteriorating water-cooled chillers, their associated pumps and electrical switchboards and replace them with new equipment. In addition, a total plant management system was installed and commissioned to control the new and existing central chilled water plant. 

Given that this all had to happen whilst still maintaining air conditioning to the hospital, the management of downtime was a critical issue and resulted in VAE identifying the following key design considerations:  

  • Limiting disruption to the hospital through procurement and logistical solutions
  • Central plant staging and control which operates efficiently during low and peak load conditions
  • The selected equipment must be reliable and have local support for parts
  • Consideration for a maintenance regimen that would have minimum impact on operations
  • Provide an advanced plant management system which can be expanded to new equipment with future extensions to the hospital
  • Monitor and report on the central plant’s control and efficiency

#Our Smarter HVAC Solution

We provided a unique solution to Nambour Hospital with our “Engineer, Construct and Manage” HVAC delivery methodology. Our internal electrical, mechanical and automation engineers and drafting team will design and engineer the upgrades for seamless changeover and operation of the plant. The construction, logistics and electrical division will construct the works while our service and VAE Bureau divisions will maintain and monitor the operation of the plant. 

Further certainty was provided to Nambour Hospital with the provision of a four-year comprehensive warranty and maintenance submission for the new plant and a preventative maintenance proposal for the existing central plant equipment. Additionally, our Automation division supplied, installed and now maintain a Tridium (Distech) based plant management system which uses an open protocol, simulated and modelled approach to optimization, controls variables and settings in real time for optimum performance and accounts for real time variables and system feedback. The installed system can be maintained and expanded by a choice of contractors which results in Nambour Hospital not being tied to one automation supplier for the life of the plant, which provides the Hospital with greater choice and flexibility.

VAE Group provides a unique point of difference through our key technical staff, delivery methodology and engineering expertise. This provides our client with one point of contact for the engineering, construction, warranty and long-term maintenance of their critical infrastructure. We endeavour to provide every client and the hospital community with smarter solutions for these critical pieces of infrastructure. 

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