Griffith University N80 Chiller Plant West PROJECT WIN

VAE are delighted to have been awarded the tender for the supply, installation, commissioning, and 12 months DLP maintenance of the mechanical services for Griffith University N80 Chiller Plant West. This project continues the successful completion of multiple projects with Badge Construction and Griffith University.

Progress is well underway with VAE installing two new low level and two base load high efficiency water cooled chillers within the new plantroom.

VAE will be continuing the installation with four new cooling towers, associated pumps, and new Mechanical Services Switchboard (MSSB) including the inground chilled water reticulation pipework to connect the new Building N80 Chillers to the Griffith University Nathan Campus chilled water infrastructure that serves the existing and future planned buildings.  

Watch below as the VAE team install and position one of the chillers on the N80 site.