Cairns Hospital Block B Chiller Replacement

BESIX Watpac awarded VAE Group the contract for the major chiller replacement at Cairns Hospital B Block.

The replacement process entailed a staged replacement of the existing chillers and pumping systems within the current B Block Level 7 roof plantroom, while ensuring uninterrupted hospital operations. This included demolishing and disconnecting the existing five chillers, primary chilled water, and condenser water pumps, as well as the Mechanical Services Switchboards.

The project posed significant logistical challenges, requiring all equipment to be lifted to level 7 and installed within the plantroom while maintaining chilled water supply to the hospital.

The successful project carried out by our Cairns branch project team required high level lift and shift expertise to safely perform the works within the tight confines of the existing plantroom and roof spaces. This work was carried out by our in-house logistics team in close coordination with BESIX Watpac and Cairns and Hinterland Hospital Health Service (CHHHS). 

VAE are thrilled to have worked in collaboration with BESIX Watpac and CHHHS on this vital upgrade project for the Cairns Hospital.