80 Ann StreetOne of Australia's most intelligent buildings

Most buildings present a data ecosystem that very few tenants have the opportunity to engage with. 80 Ann Street provides a platform that delivers information and value from hundreds of thousands of data points throughout the building, which enables access to data for Mirvac, their chosen third party stakeholders and tenants with the appropriate access credentials.

VAE Group’s Technology department were contracted by Mirvac to provide an Integrated Building Platform (IBP) and Integrated Communications Network (ICN) for 80 Ann Street which enables all the building’s data sources to be integrated into one platform.

The interactive displays showcase the advanced technological capabilities built into 80 Ann Street. The scalable, future-proofed infrastructure and data capacity in the base build makes 80 Ann one of Australia’s most advanced data rich buildings, projected to collect over 16 million data points daily.

The innovative technology offering at 80 Ann Street delivers:

  • Responsive action-based insights: The buildings integration also helps to ensure a swift and supportive response to any building issues. For example, if an escalator outage notification is received, real-time CCTV is available on your device (i.e., mobile phone) to instantly understand whether there are people in need of assistance. With real-time data securely captured across every building system, any problem can be analysed based on the data record to ensure clear and transparent answers are available.
  • Leading security: Every sensor and device installed in 80 Ann was meticulously qualified to ensure they met the highest possible cyber security standards, including on-going live monitoring for any irregularities or network traffic anomalies, where devices are disabled, or shutdown should suspicious activity occur.
  • Ongoing enhancements: Building data is stored and analysed to explore improvements in existing assets as well as refine the design of future projects.
  • Customised Tenant Smart Platform: A collaborative design approach was undertaken for Suncorp’s specific operational requirements with their space offering lighting, blind control, air conditioning and security control through mobile apps and integrated AV systems. This means a meeting room booking will prepare all smart systems in the space automatically, responding to the environmental conditions on the day, and ensuring it’s ready for any meeting or event taking place within. 

#Key Achievements

Designed to seamlessly enable connectivity to Mirvac’s Enterprise Cloud ecosystem

Over 2,350 connected operational technology devices

Over 150,000 hardware and software points with over 170,000 history extensions

Customized user interfaces and branded tenant graphics and systems which eliminates the need for an independent user interface for each service, providing one unified system for the building managers, this reduces training and increases productivity.