Mareeba Hospital Shutdown

VAE’s North QLD Electrical team completed a full shutdown of the Main Switchboard at Mareeba Hospital last weekend.

No remote backup generator was available and no plan B, therefore, no room for error in turning the power off to the occupied hospital.

The team planned well in advance with Mareeba Hospital Management to ensure that everyone was aware of the disruption.

VAE also worked with the hospital staff to ensure there were no impacts to patient safety during the changeover. They narrowed the shutdown window to 13 minutes maximum. Having no power to the main switchboard of the operational hospital, with not a minute to spare.

Fortunately, the team were calm and confident... all steps for the tasks went exactly as planned, and the team completed the works in only 11 of those 13 minutes!

Congratulations to Jack, Brent, and AJ on achieving an exceptional result, in high-pressure circumstances.

The time-lapse video below shows the moment the power is shutdown, by the energy meter on the left of screen going dark.