Good news from the VAE BureauReducing Equipment Runtime Costs

#The Problem

A common problem for our clients in high-rise office spaces is equipment that runs longer than needed. Our VAE Bureau team recently identified this issue in an office tower in Brisbane’s CBD where equipment on level 11 was running for 90 minutes each day on an unoccupied floor.

#The Solution

By identifying and highlighting this runtime, we were able to have a conversation with the customer to try and understand why this schedule was in place. We learned that they had previously established that schedule to allow for air movement on the floor. However, our extensive experience tells us that 30 minutes a week is ample time to have the same effect while also resulting in lowered costs.

#The Benefits

The VAE team removed 6.5 hours per week of equipment runtime costs with no adverse effects. This resulted in the AHU fan not running unnecessarily, no chilled water load on the chiller and no VAV heaters.

#Who is the VAE Bureau?

The VAE Bureau is a team of HVAC and Building Management System experts that work with our clients to actively monitor buildings from our Brisbane facility. By utilising alarms and identifying potential changes to the way those buildings are operating, our service team attends to potential issues before they become problems that affect tenant comfort or operating costs. Using innovative technologies, the Bureau can also offer real-time solutions and recommend efficiencies which can result in lowered costs and streamlined building performance management.

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