Sullivan Nicolaides Stage 2 – well Underway

Work is well underway on the construction of Stage 2 at the Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology (SNP) Office and Laboratory complex located in Bowen Hills, Brisbane. Hansen Yuncken awarded VAE the Mechanical Services Design and Construct contract to complete the second stage of the building.

In 2016, VAE successfully completed Stage 1 Mechanical Services, which encompassed approximately 12,000 NLA (Net Lettable Area) of administration and laboratory space, including PC3 laboratories. 

Stage 2 involves the addition of approximately 6,000m2 of expansion space, spanning three lower levels, a ground level, and three upper levels with a rooftop plantroom. The upper levels will be utilised for general work areas and laboratory space. 

The SNP Stage 1 facility is to be kept fully operational during the construction of Stage 2.

The second stage mechanical services include.

• Four new air-cooled York Chillers to match the existing chillers in stage 1
• 26 new Air Handling Units.
• 16 new single zone ducted units.
• 16 under ceiling chilled water units.
• Installation of new Fume cupboards and exhaust systems
• Installation of two new Nederman arm exhaust systems
• Separate condenser water system serving the pharmaceutical cold rooms
• Expansion of the Stage 1 Building Management System to cater for Stage 2
• Modification to existing Mechanical Switchboards as well as new switchboards serving stage 2
• Complete surveys of supply air quantities, exhaust air quantities and chilled water flows where modification to services is to occur
• Demolition of some existing ductwork to be modified to incorporate Stage 2
• Provision of benchtop exhaust systems dropping from the ceilings to benchtops with intake grilles mounted behind workstations
• Provide outside air and exhaust ventilation systems for the flammable goods stores including hazardous areas with explosion proof (Ex rated) fans
• Equipment exhaust systems including fans, ductwork, and discharge flues
• Integration of systems to Stage 1
• Full 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) to LOD500 including clash detection and lead service coordination

Below is a short video of the recent Chiller lift the VAE team undertook on the SNP Stage 2 project. The Chillers were lifted to the top floor to be installed in the rooftop plantroom.