Twin Towns Services Club and VAE – a long term partnership Mechanical, BMS and Essential services maintenance

Located in Northern NSW, The Twin Towers Services Club, Club Banora and Twin Towns Juniors have held a long-term relationship with VAE dating back to 2014. VAE carry out Mechanical, Building Management System (BMS) and Essential services maintenance for the clubs.

VAE maintain all three sites ranging from a small DX air conditioning plant through to Chillers and Building Management Systems (BMS). Our VAE technicians hold the relevant NSW licenses to perform the required tasks and meet local council and state requirements.

Twin Towns have been extremely proactive in working with VAE to provide energy efficient solutions, engaging VAE to optimize operating costs, for example the installation of Turbo Core Technology chillers and state of the art BMS strategies have been implemented.

The BMS is integrated into the booking system for the auditorium and function rooms to automate the cooling requirements ensuring that conditions are met during occupancy. Prior to VAE’s automation, the function areas air conditioning was often operating when the rooms were vacant, this has provided significant energy savings for Twin Towns.

The VAE BMS team installed and monitor a refrigeration temperature alarm system for the numerous cold rooms and cabinets onsite, reducing potential loss of perishable goods.
Coupled with the BMS, a Data driven maintenance regime has been utilized to drill into plant performance and highlight areas to target during maintenance visits for the VAE Mechanical and BMS service teams.

VAE are privileged to work with Twin Towns are we look forward to working with the Club into the future.

Twin Towns

Twin Towns