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Twin Towns is a large services club providing entertainment, dining and high-end accommodation for visitors with a combination of new and old equipment. Taking over the service from the existing OEM, VAE were able to reduce maintenance costs and reactive calls while increasing reliability in the system.

#The Project

VAE were originally engaged as the mechanical service provider for the three Twin Towns sites in 2013. The maintenance includes serving a range of new to ageing equipment from chillers through to ventilation. This service contract has now been renewed for a further three years until 2019. Our technical skills across our qualified technicians enables us to diagnose and rectify any breakdowns in a timely manner with the reassurance of 24 hour Gold Coast based support. Encompassed in the contract is the water treatment and essential servicing testing and compliance. In addition, VAE provide Twin Towns with support and direction by providing a clear indication of the condition of the equipment. 

VAE meet with club management annually and provide information and recommendations for future upgrades, including the replacement of chiller plants. Our relationship with Powerpax (Smardt Chillers) have allowed us to complete commissioning of the chiller and conduct the servicing direct for Powerpax under the defects liability period.

#Key Achievements


A non-standard building layout accommodating 1000+ people requires conditions to be consistently maintained.


VAE provides high level servicing for the central plant and BMS.


Direct knowledge, timely responses and expert support provide clear direction and reassurance to the client.

#Project Scope


  • Advisory Services
  • Design
  • BIM Drafting
  • Drafting co-ordination
  • Audit


  • Prefabrication
  • Installation
  • BMS
  • Automation
  • Electrical
  • Co-ordination of Services


  • BMS
  • Bureau Performance Management
  • Maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Upgrades

#VAE Added Value

VAE's key recommendations allowed the client to move away from an expensive OEM service solution to a lower cost solution while increasing system reliability. We've improved the overall condition of the plant by elevating the level of service provided. With the assistance of the club, including funding along with provision of labour through the onsite maintenance team, we have been able to work together to improve the appearance of the plant and prolong the life of the equipment. 

The use of the BMS and VAE Bureau services along with hands-on mechanical servicing has enabled VAE to identify issues before they become a major problem. In conjunction with the club, many issues are rectified through equipment replacement with consideration for budget and ongoing upgrades of the ageing plant.


technicians with Powerpax chiller training and experience across other manufacturer's equipment.


A dedicated customer account manager, seven technicians and two apprentices based in our Gold Coast office work on this project.


The renewal of the contract for a further three years speaks volumes about what VAE delivers for the club.


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