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Riparian Plaza is a 53-storey commercial building in Brisbane’s CBD containing 30,500m2 of premium office space, retail accommodation, luxury apartments and multi-level car parking comprising 213 car spaces. This building has maintained a premium grade standard since being commissioned in 2003, and wanted to be compliant to the NABERS Base Building rating scheme and improve on their existing base building rating.

#The Project


VAE was confident we could significantly improve Riparian Plaza's rating and to demonstrate that confidence, we offered the client a performance guarantee: provide a $200,000 bank guarantee that they could cash if we did not elevate their NABERS rating to five stars by September 2017. It was crucial VAE met this standard as the client guaranteed this five star rating to their tenants who were seeking to improve their sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

#Key Achievements


Upgraded from 0 star to 5 star NABERS rating.


VAE Bureau - Building optimisation and data driven maintenance.


Upgrade to a Tridium Building Management System (BMS).


Installation of energy meters to better control energy usage.

#Project Scope


  • Advisory Services
  • Design
  • BIM Drafting
  • Drafting co-ordination
  • Audit


  • Prefabrication
  • Installation
  • BMS
  • Automation
  • Electrical
  • Co-ordination of Services


  • BMS
  • Bureau Performance Management
  • Maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Upgrades

#We achieved this goal through our Engineer / Construct / Manage approach:

  1. Audit – our engineers audited the site and prepared a dilapidation/energy metering and energy use report which highlighted the areas of improvement.
  2. Model – the team outlined the energy savings capital upgrades that were possible and provided budgets for these savings. The modelling included the expected energy reduction along with the corresponding savings.
  3. Implement – the works that were identified in stage two were then completed and a Tridium Building Management System (BMS) was installed.
  4. Monitor – Our VAE Bureau monitored the building and fine≠tuned the operations that maximised the internal rates of return. 
  5. Recommend – We then provided additional recommendations to further reduce energy through improvement projects. 

After completing stage three “implement', we discovered that the building had only improved to a 4 star NABERS rating. Our VAE Bureau team stepped in to optimise and manage the building remotely from our Brisbane head office. Through data driven maintenance and building analytics, we not only achieved a 5 star rating but also reduced operating costs for the client by over $250,000 per year. Accordingly, the capital value of the building was increased significantly more than the capital costs of the works.

#Major Energy Reduction


Reduction in heater usage


Reduction in energy usage for the return air fans


Reduction in energy consumption of the chiller plant

#Built in Certainty

VAE's company promise of `Built in Certainty' was clearly evident as our teams worked closely together with the client to achieve the objectives. The entire project was upgraded and completed in a fully tenanted building. Our work on Riparian Plaza doesn't stop here as we've set a new target of a 5.5 star NABERS rating in conjunction with the building management. VAE is committed to continually improving performance. 


Ultraviolet filtration system which keeps AHU clean and increases efficiency

Ultraviolet filtration system which keeps AHU clean and increases efficiency

View of Brisbane from the rooftop

View of Brisbane from the rooftop

John Morris, Service Technician

John Morris, Service Technician

Heat Exchanges

Heat Exchanges

Low load chiller refit with chilled water pumps

Low load chiller refit with chilled water pumps

Electrical Meter Integration

Electrical Meter Integration

Low load chiller, stage 1 upgrade

Low load chiller, stage 1 upgrade

Riparian Plaza

Riparian Plaza

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