Shangri-La Cairns Hot Water System Upgrade




Shangri-La Hotel, The Marina Cairns



This project involved the decommissioning and removal of the existing 28 hot water systems, replaced with five new 32kw Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) Q-Ton units along with three 3000L stainless steel storage tanks.

The MHI Q-Ton units are the latest CO² refrigerant high efficiency Hot Water Heat Pump technology. This will provide a substantial reduction in hot water energy costs from the previous gas installation.

The harsh tropical environment in Cairns provided the client with concerns for longevity of the new units. VAE’s solution was a partnership agreement with Aeris Environmental to provide VAE Technicians training in the application of their corrosion protection to both the fins and panels of the new units to provide longer lease of life in the tropical heat.

This process involved stripping the units to expose the entire fin area, cleaning with the specialised coil cleaner to remove the oil film common with the production of new coils, then apply the Aeris Corrosion Protection Plus product. This was implemented in two coats to ensure the correct thickness to combat any environment elements the units maybe subjected to in the tropical heat.

All panels were also washed in the new cleaner, then coated in a clear layer of the same corrosion protection product to prevent rust. This coating provides additional protection without hindering the heat transfer capabilities of the coil.

Aeris Corrosion Protection Plus has undertaken over 30,000 hours of salt spray testing, which is longer than any other corrosive protection coatings in the market (at time of project), with the added benefit of in-house VAE trained technicians providing on-going support and annual inspections.

VAE is now a platinum partner of Aeris and can apply, service and provide 5-year warranty with annual inspections of the product.

#Project Scope


  • Advisory Services
  • Design
  • BIM Drafting
  • Drafting co-ordination
  • Audit


  • Prefabrication
  • Installation
  • BMS
  • Automation
  • Electrical
  • Co-ordination of Services


  • BMS
  • Bureau Performance Management
  • Maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Upgrades

#Key Achievements


Replacement and upgrade of the hot water systems to a live hotel


Design & Construct partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Aeris Environmental to provide a custom solution in a harsh marine environment


Replacement of 28 existing hot water systems with 3 high efficiency CO2 refrigerant Hot Water Heat pump units


Expected energy savings of over 25%








Outdoor Function and Bar Area

Outdoor Function and Bar Area

Gallery Image Source: Shangri-La