Sleeman Sports Complex Aquatic Centre


Chandler, Brisbane

Work has been completed on the upgrade and retrofit of the main air handling unit supply air fans for the Sleeman Sports Complex, Aquatic Building for Stadiums Queensland.

VAE’s service department were awarded the project following a competitive tender which involved the end-of-life replacement for the existing supply fans that serve the indoor pool deck. The new installation consists of the supply and installation of two, 9 x fan EC Fan walls to replace the existing supply fans (MV-01 and MV-02).

VAE demolished the existing supply air fans including the steel framing and inertia bases, modifying the original plinths, and then constructed new panels to house the EC fan walls including new supply air plenums using cold room panelling. Our finishing works included cleaning, sealing, and painting the plantroom floors, as well as treating the perforated steel air handling unit chambers. The end result has brought the plantroom up to “as new” as can be seen in the video below.