Rapid Deployment Prisons, New Zealand


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Design and Installation





The New Zealand Department of Corrections Rapid Deployment Prison project was based on the design and installation of rapidly deploy able “modular” prison cells that are fabricated off-site and then “assembled” on site allowing the Department of Corrections to rapidly increase prison capacity of an additional 976 prison beds.

VAE were engaged on a design & construct basis for the full mechanical element of works including Christchurch (Rolleston, Christchurch Men’s & Christchurch Woman’s), Upper Hutt (Rimutaka) and North Island (Tongariro) prisons. The modular cells were manufactured & shipped from China to the various prison sites. VAE prefabricated the mechanical services off site in New Zealand and then transported to the prison sites in order to reduce the safety risk on site as well as reducing onsite labour costs.

Stage 1 The Rolleston Prison consisting of two x 126 bed modular units, and Tongariro Prisons consisting of one x 126 bed modular units.

Stage 2 – The Christchurch Men’s (two modules), Christchurch Women’s (1 module) and Rimutaka (2 modules) consist of x 600 beds in total.

Rimutaka Prison

Rimutaka Prison

Rimutaka Prison

Rimutaka Prison



VAE’s engineering input into to the modular design/ truss design has allowed for the majority of the installation works to be completed whilst roof cassettes were on the ground, thus reducing the safety risks of working at heights and realising timely benefits



All off-site fabrication carried out in New Zealand


Lead Coordination

VAE’s lead coordination efforts ensured all clashes with other services were rectified prior to installation works beginning



Due to the modular design and being able to complete first-fix activities on the ground we were able to ensure that installation was completed well in advance of other trades reducing congestion on site with other services



The vast location differences between the sites (both North & South Island) meant major coordination from the Project team regarding design, procurement, site deliveries & mobilisation to site


Christchurch Men's Prison

Christchurch Men's Prison

Christchurch Women's Prison

Christchurch Women's Prison

Rolleston Prison

Rolleston Prison

Tongariro Prison

Tongariro Prison