Queensland Corrections - Smoke Exhaust Upgrade Program




BAS (Building & Asset Services)





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#The Project

Building Asset Services (BAS) originally engaged VAE Group to perform smoke exhaust functional performance testing across multiple Queensland Correctional Centres to confirm compliance to minimum smoke exhaust levels. 

Following this testing VAE were awarded the design and construct smoke exhaust upgrades for those Centres that did not meet current compliance.

VAE designed the modifications required to ensure the smoke exhaust systems achieved a minimum of 350I/s per cell when operating in a smoke exhaust mode. 

The scope of works consisted of a mix of ductwork modifications to reduce static pressure losses, motorised dampers on the non-cell areas, such as the kitchen and laundry’s, variable speed drive installations on existing fans, and in some cases upgraded fans.

All work was carried out by our local service teams through-out Queensland in a “live” environment, where minimal downtime was critical.

#Key Acheivements


Strong understanding of the operational risk involved in working within a live correctional centre environment, provided Corrections with a flexible delivery approach that could adapt to change


Minimal disruption working in a live, high-security correctional environment

Image Source ABC News