Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) Domestic Terminal Upgrade Stage 2




Brisbane, QLD







#The Project

VAE have been engaged by Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) to undertake the upgrade of the mechanical plant and services, Chilled Water (CHW) Pump, electrical, and Building Management System (BMS) in the PL3 plantroom at the Domestic Terminal.

A full scan of the plantroom and 3D modelling of existing services was carried out to ensure duct, AHU and Chiller plant installation were 100% detailed, eliminating the need for site measurements.

Working collaboratively with BAC and their stakeholders, VAE have demolished and replaced thirteen AHUs, decommissioned, and demolished two existing (1600kW) Chillers, installing one new (3200kW) Chiller in its place. Redundant plant was removed via a louvred façade and prefabricated pipework for the new plantroom equipment was installed.

These works were completed during the airports 12-hour shutdown window between 1800 – 0600hrs minimising the impact of construction work on the operational airport.


  • Ensuring works were completed within the 12-hour shutdown window for BAC
  • Ensuring replacement AHU was operational by 0600hrs
  • Minimising the impact of construction works on daily airport operations
  • Ensuring stakeholder and passenger movements were maintained on the forecourt during plant removal and landing


Works successfully carried out at night limiting disruption to airport operations


Full scan and 3D Modelling of plantroom undertaken reducing time on site


Works completed in 12-hour shutdown period resulting in replacement AHUs being operational by 0600hrs as required