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We provide building intelligence technology to transform poorly performing buildings into ones that are finely tuned and highly optimised.

#Data that works for you

Combining information from different systems, the Integrated Building Platform allows users to see real-time data through any web interface. Using Tridium's Niagara IoT software platform, VAE retrieve data from multiple sources which provide complete building performance analysis. Niagara 4 is also product agnostic, allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology that meets your needs, regardless of the supplier.

#The Benefits

  • One common interface for all building systems reduces the burden on knowing how to operate multiple disparate systems
  • Customised user interface that is tailored to your facility displaying what’s important to you
  • Live reports used to track building system performance
  • Instant identification of the cause of faults with the ability to prioritise what’s important
  • User-friendly interface generates custom reports
  • Analytical analysis that identifies areas of sub-optimal performance

#The Results

  • Reduced energy costs and improved NABERS ratings
  • The ability to perform data driven maintenance rather than traditional prescriptive routines
  • Reduced operator training means that facilities managers can come up to speed quicker
  • Improved tenant comfort
  • Reduced maintenance costs through data driven maintenance
  • Freedom of choice of a building services maintenance provider

#The Solution

#How these solutions can work for you:


Upgrade legacy Building Management System (BMS).


Improve insights into building performance and reduced maintenance costs.


Provide building portfolio solutions.

#Relevant Projects

Installing an integrated building platform to improve building performance is only half the answer. In the same way that a Formula One race car can achieve high speeds, it's only a skilled driver that can get the best out of it. Most building owners don't have the time or the technical expertise to analyse building data and optimise it for peak performance. This is why we created the VAE Bureau. 

The Bureau team work remotely from our Brisbane office ensuring comfort conditions and NABERS ratings are simultaneously achieved for every building we manage.

Let VAE do the driving for you. 

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#About the VAE Bureau

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