Our Culture

The VAE culture is driven by energy, synergy and success. If we were a sporting team, we'd be a peloton of cyclists - a well-organised group working hard together to reach the best possible result.

We know that getting to our destination requires teamwork, and at each stage of the HVAC cycle, the leader of the team will change. Our sales team is responsible for winning projects, our engineers take the lead in developing smarter HVAC solutions, and our draftspeople convert our designs into 3-D plans. In the next phase, our project and site managers manage the installation, our commissioning team ensures that what we install will operate with certainty, and our service team takes charge of achieving optimum building performance.

As a result of this synergy, there are many successes along VAE's HVAC journey and many opportunities to celebrate with our broader team – our customers, our suppliers and our sub-contractors.



VAE employees are high energy, positive people.



VAE has many teams of highly specialised employees who all work together to achieve a common solution for the customer.



We only enter into win/win relationships, be it with our customers, subcontractors or suppliers. When we complete each solution, we celebrate our success.